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Discover and leverage online Ecosystems !

Online ecosystems are groups of interrelated web sites, communities, blogs, etc. that together provide the environment where they exist and flourish on the Web. A company, Your company, is always part of many online ecosystems such as the partners, the competitors, the products, the industry, the academic research and many more. Understanding and actively participating in Your ecosystems can help most of Your company vital functions such as marketing, competitive analysis, research and more.

Ecosystema gives You the tools to analyze online ecosystems in real time, discover the most relevant players quickly, compare rankings, monitor ecosystem evolution over time and other useful insights. We can (1) provide raw ecosystem maps and databases to your analysts for their direct access and study or (2) do the analysis for you and provide executive reports with all the findings.

Typical Ecosystema applications are:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Product marketing
  • Monitoring of an industry
  • Online branding
  • Advertising

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